Send us documents

Italian law requires us to collect copies of documents proving your identity (e.g. national identity cards or passports), and require us to report the names of our guests to the Italian authorities (this applies to all hosting establishments).

To upload the documents:
– please make sure that they are in an image format or in pdf;
– the files will be uploaded on an encrypted connection, and will not be accessible to anyone (including you) as soon as they are uploaded.
– only one file may be uploaded at a time: choose it in the dialog box that pop ups when clicking “choose file” below, and then click “upload image” to upload it to the web server.

You may also send us files via Telegram at @villatrecariole (if you use a private chat, it is will be end-to-end encrypted). We advise against sending copies of your documents, or any sensitive information (e.g. credit card numbers) via e-mail.