Terms & Conditions

When you complete your booking, you accept these Terms and any other terms that you’re provided with during the booking process. These Terms include an agreement to mandatory binding individual arbitration, which means that you agree to submit most disputes related to our Platform, the use of the services on our Platform, or these Terms to binding arbitration rather than proceeding in court.

We take reasonable care in providing our Platform, but we can’t guarantee that everything on it is accurate. To the extent permitted by law, we can’t be held responsible for any errors, any interruptions, or any missing bits of information – although we will do everything we can to correct/fix them as soon as we can.Unless otherwise indicated, you need to be at least 16 to use the Platform.

For some products/services, we will require an upfront payment and/or a payment taken during your travel experience.

Paypal payments are subject to a 3.5% fee (this is what Paypal charges for handling payments).
Direct bank transfers within the Euro area are not subject to fees.
If you would like to pay via a bank transfer in a currency different than Euros, please let us know, as we may be able to choose the transfer method and currency to minimize bank transfer and conversion fees.