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Bike rides

A lot of bike rides are possible near Colico and around Lake Como in general. Here is a very partial list – and I very much welcome comments and pointers to others!

Several suggestions for mountain bike trips around Colico
Several suggestions for road bike trips around Colico; easy and pleasant ride from Chiavenna to Pian di Spagna.
Several suggestions for tourism road bike trips around Colico
Mountain bike rides in Valtellina, see especially those in Valchiavenna.
Escursione in Bicicletta 1 settembre 2019 Colico, Val Chiavenna e Cascate dell’Acqua Fraggia
Various bike rides around Colico from outdooractive
Le vie del viandante; via Spluga, e.g. here in MTB. Adam’s bike tours organizers MTB and bike tours in the area; anello di Paiedo.
Bike Bernina for bike rental in Valmalenco (and beyond).

Walks and hikes around Colico and Lake Como

Beautiful scenery and historic places abound, around Colico and the whole Lake Como of course. Here is a very partial list of webpages with various destinations, many of which contain links to even more possibilities:

Visit Colico
Tour of Colico (and here a shorter version)
Villatico and its Mills path
Abbazia di Piona
Hiking around Colico: 20 best hikes according to
Hiking mount Legnone, and mount Legnoncino
Cascata (Fall) del Chengen
Sentiero del viandante Colico – Dervio
Trail running around Colico
Val Chiavenna: various hikes, more hikes (from komoot). More hikes here.
Escursione verso la piccola e suggestiva Chiesa di San Fedele, sul lago di Novate Mezzola, Google maps here.
Via Spluga e le vie del viandante.

Beautiful sunsets

Villa Tre Cariole is on the East shore of Lake Como: the sun rises from the side Mount Legnone in the morning, and sunsets behind the mountains on the other side of Lake Como: the sunsets are often beautiful, and can be fully enjoyed from the garden of Villa Tre Cariole.